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The 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup will be the 17th edition of the FIBA Basketball World Cup, the tournament previously known as the FIBA World Championship. To be hosted by Spain, it will be the last time the tournament will be held on the current four-year cycle. The next FIBA World Cup will be held five years later, in 2019, to reset the cycle on a different year than the FIFA World Cup.

Countdown clock outside the FIBA headquarters in Mies, Switzerland as of June 2013.The winner will automatically qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Host selection
FIBA opened the bidding process on 10 January 2008 and all the letters of intent were submitted on 30 April 2008. Nine countries showed interest in hosting the event, as in order, they were Spain, France, Denmark, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Italy, Greece, and China.

Among the nine, only three were shortlisted by FIBA: China which would have hosted the 2009 FIBA Asia Championship later that year, Italy which last hosted a FIBA tournament in EuroBasket Women 2007, and FIBA EuroBasket 2007 hosts Spain.

On 23 May 2009, after voting by the FIBA Central Board in Geneva in which the Chinese and Spanish representatives abstained, China was the first to be eliminated in the first round of voting. In the final round, Arvydas Sabonis and Saša Djordjević announced that Spain won the hosting rights with eleven votes as opposed to Italy's eight.

Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid will be the main venue, hosting the final and half of the matches in the final round. While no arenas from the 1986 FIBA World Championship will be reused, the current Madrid arena was built on the site of the original venue that was destroyed by fire in 2001, which was a venue used in 1986. Amongst venues used in FIBA EuroBasket 2007, the arenas in Granada, Seville and Madrid will be reused. One arena, the Gran Canaria Arena, is the only new venue, being built after the tournament was awarded to Spain. The other cities will host a group.

On 17 April 2010, Barcelona was added to the list of cities to hold games, bringing the total venues to six. This will be Barcelona's first time being part of a major international event in basketball since the 1997 EuroBasket, in which the Palau Sant Jordi hosted the final stages. Barcelona will host half of the games in the knockout stage, including a semifinal.

Below is a list of the confirmed venues which will be used to host games during the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup. Connor Floor will be the official supplier of the basketball courts for each of the six sites.

Main article: 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup qualification
Status of teams with the intent of participating in the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup.
  Did not enter
  Disqualified and suspended by FIBA
  Not a member of FIBAThere will be 24 teams taking part in the 2014 World Cup of Basketball. After the 2012 Olympics, the continental allocation for FIBA Americas was reduced by one when the United States won the Olympic tournament, automatically qualifying them for the 2014 World Cup.

Host nation: 1 berth
2012 Summer Olympics: 12 teams competing for 1 berth, removed from that country's FIBA zone
FIBA Asia: 15 teams competing for 3 berths
FIBA Oceania: 2 teams competing for 2 berths
FIBA Africa: 16 teams competing for 3 berths
FIBA Americas: 10 teams competing for 4 berths
FIBA Europe: 24 teams competing for 6 berths
Wild card: 4 berths

Qualified teams
As of 21 September 2013, twenty teams have already qualified for the final tournament in 2014. To complete the 24-team tournament, FIBA will announce the four wild cards after a meeting in Barcelona on 3 February 2014; they may announce an initial list of teams that will be considered after a Buenos Aires meeting on 23–24 November 2013. The FIBA Central Board decided not to trim the list of wild card applicants on their Buenos Aires meeting, making all 15 teams eligible to be selected on the February meeting at Barcelona.

On 1 February 2014, FIBA announced that it had allocated the wild cards to Brazil, Finland, Greece and Turkey.

Suspension of Senegal
On the FIBA Central Board meeting in Buenos Aires, FIBA suspended the basketball federations of Guatemala, Morocco and Senegal indefinitely "due to their inability to properly function as the governing body for basketball in their respective countries." The Senegalese federation was suspended reportedly due to age fabrication in the 2013 FIBA Under-19 World Championship for Men and for Women; the Senegalese federation was dissolved as a result. On 2 February, FIBA lifted the suspension on the Senegalese federation after they complied with all of the requirements imposed by the FIBA, clearing the way for the participation of its national team in the tournament.

Rule and format changes[edit]This will be the first time the new expanded free throw lane, the restricted arc, and extended three point line (6.6 m [21' 8"] from the basket at the corners; 6.75 m [22' 1.75"] elsewhere) take effect in the tournament.

The final round will be held in two arenas: in the Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid and Palau Sant Jordi, as opposed to a singular arena in 2010. Also, the ordering of the round of 16 match-ups were changed. In 2010, a team from Group A or B can meet a team from Group C or D as early in the quarterfinals, and cannot meet their groupmates until the semifinals. In 2014, teams from Groups A and B are in one half of the bracket and will play in Madrid, while teams from Groups C and D are in the other half and will play in Barcelona; teams from Groups A and B won't meet teams from Group C or D until the final or third-place playoff, and can meet their groupmates as early as the quarterfinals.

In 2010, the round of 16 games were held in a span of four days, or two matches per day; in 2014, there would be four games per day, and the round of 16 will be done in two days. From the semifinals onward, unlike in 2010 where the semifinals were held in one day, and the third-place playoff and the final on the next day, the semifinals in 2014 will be held on two days, followed by the third-place playoff the next day, and the final on the day after, or one game per day. Finally, the classification round for 5th place was also eliminated.

The draw was held on 3 February 2014 at 19:00 CET at the Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona. On 2 February, FIBA released the pots on how the teams will be drawn. "Pot 1" included the top 4 teams in the FIBA World Rankings for men, while the other pots were grouped via geographical and sporting reasons.



Road show and trophy tour[edit]A tour of the Naismith Trophy is currently being held to promote the event, and is scheduled to end at early August. The trophy was on display at the 2014 NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans in February, then the tour visited several countries in Europe and Latin America from April to mid-July. Asia and Africa legs are expected to be done in late July to early August. Prior to this, FIBA and the Spanish Basketball Federation held a road show that ran from 2012 to 2014 visiting key Spanish cities, with the some of the final stops being the host cities, and at Ljubljana, Slovenia during FIBA EuroBasket 2013.

On 30 January, FIBA revealed the official ball that will be used in the World Cup. Designed by Molten, it "will be the first time ever a custom designed basketball has been developed exclusively for an individual event".

On 31 January, FIBA revealed the mascots of the World Cup: Olé and Hop. Olé and Hop's name came from the word "alley-oop"; they are directly inspired from the 2014 World Cup logo, and will have a tour of host cities leading up to the championship.































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